Urban Air Market

at Hays Valley (San Francisco CA 94102)

2021 Saturday August 28th 11am-6pm     Free Admission

West Coast Craft 

at Fort Mason Center (2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco CA 94109)

2021 Saturday September 18th  10am-6pm     

Saturday September 19th  10am-6pm      Free Admissioni


The Storefront Market Arts and Crafts

at Storefront Records (3431 San Pablo Ave. Oakland CA 94608)

2021 Saturday August 28th 12pm-5pm     Free Admission

Food Trucks + Stuff

at Oakland Scottish Rite Parking (1547 Lakeside Dr, Oakland CA 94612)

2021 Saturday August 21st 12pm-5pm     Free Admission

Market Street Makers

at Westfield Near Bloomingdale’s Between Concourse and Level 3 (865 Market St, San Francisco CA 94103)

2021 Saturday August 14th 11am-7pm     Free Admission